GET INVOLVED – donate, volunteer

Photo from US Forest Service

Photo from US Forest Service

The main goal behind this research is to provide Park Managers with recommendations to ensure grizzly bears persist in the Rocky Mountain Parks. It’s impossible to do that without the support of mountain communities and recreationists who are directly affected by management actions. Involving people is a foundation of what I’m trying to do here.

I want to involve people in several different ways:

1. Volunteer

I will need volunteers to help with data collection. This will involve putting up and checking on remote cameras and administering visitor surveys throughout the field season. In 2013, the field season will run from June to September. I am looking for volunteers to help put up remote cameras in the Bow Valley area in June and then move them around to other parts of the Rocky Mountain Park Complex in July and August.

I will also need help administering visitor surveys in both the front and back country. Once I’ve selected target hiking trails, I’ll need a team of two volunteers to hand out pre- and post-hiking surveys on front country trails. This will involve spending the day out in the mountains, distributing and collecting pre hike surveys in the morning and then returning to the trail head in the afternoon to distribute and collect the post hike surveys.

In the backcountry, I will be looking for teams of two volunteers to camp out at select backcountry campgrounds for 5 days over a weekend. Volunteers will be asked to distribute and collect visitor surveys to all campers who pass through the campground during that time.

2. Spread the word

Please share with your friends and family this blog and the research effort.

3. Don’t be shy – contact me

I’m open to your thoughts and want to make sure your voice is heard. If you have something to share – an idea, a perspective, or feedback, please email me at

4. Donate

A few people have asked how they can donate to this research effort. The best way to do that will be to email me an internet money transfer at

All funds received will be deposited into the bank account of Grizzly Research in the Rockies, a non-profit organization registered in Alberta. I do not have intentions of applying for a registered charitable number at this time, so I cannot issue a tax receipt (sorry). I can, however, assure you that all funds received will be used for direct research costs associated with purchasing field equipment.




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